Plant Strengtheners

The market drivers

The market drivers for this sector include the removal of certain chemicals from the market due to safety concerns, e.g., fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and growth regulators. A major catalyst for this change is the introduction of more stringent laws, tighter restrictions on producers and requirements for retailers to ensure consumer safety by monitoring levels of chemical residues in food (e.g. maximum residue levels, MRLs). A second market driver is variable weather patterns causing abiotic stress which affects crop productivity.

BioAtlantis provide effective and economically viable products which have independent third party validation, are accredited and comply with regulations. The path to market is via partnership with distributors and interactions with end users. BioAtlantis targets a minimum of 3:1 return on investment for the end user.

Stress Mitigation Technology:

Abiotic stress is a major yield-limiting factor in agriculture. Ongoing work in collaboration with our academic partners is showing significant benefits from the use of our products in counteracting abiotic stress. Super Fifty® is designed to reduce abiotic stress by priming the plant in advance of drought or heat stress. This effect has been proven in crop models, tomato (dicots) and maize (monocots) in conjunction with the University of Potsdam (EU ‘CropStrengthen’ Project) and the University of Hohenheim in Germany (EU ‘Biofector’ project).

Other products:

BioAtlantis produce formulations of seaweed extracts plus NPK’s and micro nutrients. These are designed and formulated on a ‘fitness for purpose’ basis. BioAtlantis also provide products to the Sports Turf and Home and Garden markets.

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