Key attributes

  • Improves soil microbial activity. 

  • Suitable for fertigation and mixing with other soil amendments.


  • Foster proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and supports vigorous crop establishment.

Key requirements

Uniform seedling emergence and crop vigour depends on a healthy soil. Soil microbial activity is a strong indicator of soil quality. Beneficial microbial communities in the soil play a key role in mineralising and releasing nutrients contained in the soil organic matter. The released inorganic form of nutrients can then be utilised by plants for growth and development.


Microbes also physically bind soil particles together by releasing by-products thus contributing to soil aggregation and enhanced aeration. Some beneficial microbes are also known to fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert them into a form that plants can absorb. It is highly recommended that growers maintain optimal soil microbial activity at the very early stages of plant growth. Microboost will act as supportive media and will enhance soil microbiological activity. Growers must be able to test the microbial activity in their soils.

Microboost™ - Fosters proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and supports vigorous crop establishment


The product can be applied in-furrow, drip or foliar treatment. Microboost is an effective microbial activity enhancer that can act rapidly at low application rates and in a cost effective manner as a proven alternative to bulk organic soil amendments and expensive synthetic polymers. The specialised formulation is a blend of seaweed extracts, humic acid and other naturally-derived compounds of marine and terrestrial origin.

Microboost’s applications will positively support soil microbial activity and associated nutrient availability and plant uptake.

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