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Why BioAtlantis?

BioAtlantis provide novel technologies, backed by science and engineering and validated by independent third parties. As a company driven by innovation, there are a number of reasons to choose BioAtlantis:


Mode Of Action

BioAtlantis has pioneered a novel technology known as “Priming”. This involves the use of ‘bioactives’ to stimulate molecular responses in crops to prime them to tolerate future stress events.


Spanning the life sciences

As BioAtlantis works in different life science areas (crops, animals and humans), the company has built a unique understanding of the suitability of bioactives in different species.


Low Carbon Footprint

BioAtlantis' products are highly concentrated, resulting in lower packaging, transport and disposal costs. The company’s processes are highly automated and energy-efficient. The company is also taking actions to reduce the use of fossil fuels.




BioAtlantis’ products are manufactured using sustainably-sourced and renewable raw materials. The company’s products are compliant with organic standards, residue-free and safe to the environment and end user alike.


Scale and Global reach

BioAtlantis has one of the largest manufacturing facilities of its kind in the world. With a presence in over 35 countries, it has the capacity and scale to meet the requirements of customers worldwide.


Honesty, integrity and reliability

The aim of BioAtlantis is to build a lifetime relationship with customers based on honesty, integrity and reliability. To achieve this, BioAtlantis employ a factual science-based approach to product development and provision of advice to end users.



BioAtlantis manufactures its products in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP+). The company has the following accreditations and standards:

  • Certified by GMP+ International B.V.

  • EU approved for feed material manufacture.

  • Organic Trust Member.

  • Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

  • Attested by EcoCert for a range of products.

  • REACH Compliant (European Chemicals Agency, ECHA).

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