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LactoShield will provide  the progeny of the sow with immunity once the sow is given LactoShield before birth and for the few days after. Piglets will  thrive with no diarrhae

BioAtlantis has developed a novel technology that modulates the immune system and gastrointestinal microbiome in animals. The efficacy of this technology in reducing pathogenic infection has been validated in collaboration with our academic partners over a 15 year period, culminating in over 60 peer-reviewed papers in high-impact scientific journals. 

​Scheduled for launch in 2022, Lactoshield® is a pioneering animal health product designed to increase maternal immunity transfer to piglets, thereby reducing the requirement for antibiotics and zinc oxide in the first six weeks of the piglet's life. Administered in the form of a feed supplement, this product provides a sustainable, effective and economical means of preventing infectious diseases and enhancing gastrointestinal health and performance in animals. Lactoshield®’s efficacy has been validated by world-leading scientific experts in the School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin, Ireland. A case study on this technology and its scientific, technological and economic impacts for end users can be read as follows:

As a world leader in the provision of animal health technologies, BioAtlantis is continuing it’s R&D focus on the delivery of cutting-edge, sustainable technologies to solve significant problems faced by the agri-sector. Central to this approach will be the provision of safe, naturally-derived bioactive compounds that are manufactured at scale, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP+).

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