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Latest News

21 September 2023
BioAtlantis: A Key Player in €1 Million EU Horizon-Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-Funded CropPrime Project
24 April 2023
International Conference On Plant Systems Biology And Biotechnology 25-27 September 2023
7 October 2022
BioAtlantis to present at online workshop to discuss plant biostimulants role in mitigating the effects of climate change
22 March 2022
BioAtlantis providing solutions to abiotic stress in France with SuperFifty Prime
12 May 2023
As part of the EU ‘RESIST’ Horizon 2020 project, BioAtlantis Ltd. invites applications to attend
an online workshop.
24 March 2023
BioAtlantis contribute to EBIC White Paper on the mode of action of seaweed-based plant biostimulants
3 May 2022
BioAtlantis priming crops ahead of oxidative stress – Latest research
21 March 2022
Paper on the novel seaweed extract biostimulant SuperFifty Prime presented
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