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Journey with us

Imagine getting up in the morning for a job as important as helping to reduce the world’s dependence on agrochemicals or delivering a solution to the overuse of antibiotics in animals which has led to the emergence of human pathogens resistant to antibiotics. At BioAtlantis you have that opportunity. 


We are committed to delivering the best in stress mitigation technology worldwide to improve crop, animal and human life while striving to create and sustain a work environment which attracts, motivates, develops, rewards and retains the highest calibre of staff. If you’re looking to develop your career, stretch your ambitions and work for a company that succeeds on the world stage, ours is a journey you’ll want to share.

BioAtlantis aim to recruit world class talent, ambitious and skilled people from a diverse range of backgrounds. To apply for an open position at BioAtlantis, please contact

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Employees in BioAtlantis are recruited based on their ability to fulfil their role effectively, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, family status, civil status or membership of any ethic group or community. The highly multicultural nature of BioAtlantis strongly reflects this policy.  BioAtlantis’ Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Policy is included in the employee handbook. We will continue to invest in a gender equality and diversity policy.

Financial Accountant

Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland

Production Technicians

BioAtlantis Ltd. - Tralee, County Kerry

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