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The BioAtlantis headquarters where SuperFifty Prime is produced to prime plants against drought, excess heat and cold caused by extreme weather events brought on by Climate Change
About BioAtlantis

BioAtlantis was established in 2004 and entered the crop biostimulant market in 2007 with stress mitigation as a central strategy. Stress is now recognised worldwide as affecting most life forms. It can be split into two main categories, abiotic and biological stress. Extensive research into both crops and animals has provided BioAtlantis with the knowledge base to develop compounds that can be used to mitigate or prevent abiotic and biotic stress issues occurring, across different life forms and species.


The company has grown rapidly since inception and has developed an extremely strong scientific base with numerous peer reviewed papers published in conjunction with academic partners. As testament to this growth, BioAtlantis commissioned a new production facility in 2019 at its base in County Kerry, Ireland, facing the Atlantic Ocean, on the western extremity of Europe. This is the largest seaweed extraction facility in Britain or Ireland and can concurrently produce amino and humic acids. BioAtlantis offers a portfolio of proven solutions for the agricultural crop sector. The vision of BioAtlantis is to provide natural compounds, extracted from renewable marine and terrestrial resources, to reduce stress in plants, animals and humans by strengthening natural defence systems and by enhancing the innate immunity of animals and humans. 


BioAtlantis is on the threshold of major expansion following 16 years of continued, specifically targeted investment in science and engineering while simultaneously collaborating with leading academic institutions, working on solving specific problems in crops, animal and human health.

In the 1990s, BioAtlantis CEO, John T. O’Sullivan, identified nutraceuticals as a future growth industry to prevent some health problems without the use of synthetic compounds. He pioneered the extraction of bioactives from seaweed, founding BioAtlantis in 2004. He used his experience and understanding of the dairy industry, transferring the best practices and innovative techniques from there, to seaweed extraction. From the beginning, BioAtlantis forged strong, lasting links with academia which is now backed up by 84 peer reviewed scientific papers in collaboration with distinguished third level institutions around the world. Applying a ‘fitness-for-purpose’ approach to its product development and validation processes, BioAtlantis produces naturally derived products, based on bioactive compounds of known function, mode-of-action, stability and safety. These compounds are proven to have an efficacy equivalent to or greater than synthetics.

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