Employing the cornerstone of its philosophy, ‘Nature Working Naturally’, BioAtlantis offers naturally derived products that are safe and sustainable. These solutions are produced from seaweeds and terrestrial plants which are 100% replenishable and sustainable. The company’s extraction processes are highly sophisticated, using regeneration technology to reduce energy usage. It's expertise in extraction allows it to produce highly concentrated products with lower packing, transport and disposal costs, reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Its packaging material is UN approved and recyclable.

BioAtlantis’ innovative products reduce the risk of oxidative stress in crops brought on by extreme weather events such as cold, drought, heat, salinity and waterlogging which are increasing in frequency and intensity because of Climate Change.Setting new standards in agricultural production systems, BioAtlantis extracts beneficial compounds from sustainable resources to mitigate against biotic stress related issues to reduce the world’s dependence on agrichemicals and antibiotics. Naturally derived, active ingredients, are used for modulating defence, immunity and microbiota in this sector targeting crops, animals and humans.

BioAtlantis continues to pursue its goal of minimising its dependence on fossil fuels by investing in various sources of renewable energy while recovery of raw materials is optimised to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.