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Key attributes

  • Improves chlorophyll and metabolic activity 

  • Reduces shattering/splitting at harvesting  in pod bearing crops 

  • Improves juice volume and yield in vine grapes


Key requirements


Shattering of berries/pods in grapevines and pod bearding crops (e.g., oil seed rape or canola) is a complex agronomic trait because it affects harvest yield. In oil seed rape pod shattering results in seed loss averaging 20-25% each year. 

In grape, the term fruit-set ‘shatter’ refers to excessive shedding of young berries. Early leaf senescence or ageing in crops, which in turn, causes limitation in assimilate (nutrients, sugars and water) supply to developing flowers and fruits is the main cause for shattering in crops. Moreover, nutrient deficiencies and adverse weather events increase the risk of shattering.

Unlocking potential in wine grapes and pod bearing crops

LamVita is a specialised extract derived from Laminaria Spp. designed to unlock the crop yield potential in wine grapes. Additionally, the use of LamVita in pod bearing crops such as canola or oil seed rape, at the first flower emergence stage, is proven to reduce shattering/splitting of pods at the pre-harvest and harvesting periods.


LamVita has the potential to modulate endogenous plant metabolic and physiological pathways, which helps to improve mechanical strength in pod bearing crops.

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