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Key attributes

  • Early seedling establishment.

  • Stress reduction during early stages of seedling growth.


  • Improves rooting and shoot formation.

BlackFort, For early seedling establishment


BlackFort is a 99.9% soluble spray dried powder of Ascophyllum nodosum extract. A proprietary agglomeration step is used during the manufacture of BlackFort in which the native particles are further assembled to form bigger agglomerates, while preserving the bioactives in the final product. 


This makes BlackFort a unique seaweed powder that is highly soluble and dispersible in water, with enhanced spraying ability and tank mix compatibility. In general, BlackFort needs to be applied to the root zone, twice at 7 to 14 day intervals, after seedling emergence.


This will benefit root and shoot growth establishment at the early stages of crop development. The enriched seaweed bioactive formula in BlackFort will boost the crop’s ability to withstand plant stresses.


Contact BioAtlantis for crop specific applications of BlackFort. It can be applied at planting and by irrigation or foliar application. 

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