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Key attributes

  • Enhances fruit skin quality.

  • Improves fruit-shelf life.

  • Improves fruit quality (fruit finish).


Key requirements

Poor fruit finish and post harvest shelf-life make fruit production non-profitable. These losses bring low returns to growers, processors and retailers. To retain fruit firmness and to prolong post-harvest shelf-life, it is critical to decrease fruit cell wall breakdown and delay the rate of senescence (fruit aging). Notably, desirable changes in cell wall structure, membrane permeability and enzyme activation can be influenced at the fruit developmental phase.


Moreover, the rate of senescence often depends on calcium status in fruit tissues.

AtlantiCal Improves fruit-finish and

post-harvest shelf-life


AtlantiCal is a seaweed extract enriched with calcium designed to specifically improve fruit-finish and post-harvest shelf-life. AtlantiCal is applied during the first three weeks of early fruit sizing and will contribute towards improved fruit firmness. The rich calcium content in AtlantiCal will help in maintaining membrane permeability and prolong fruit storability. The seaweed bioactive in AtlantiCal function as plant metabolic enhancers to improve photosynthetic rates and transport of sugar metabolites at the fruit-filling stage in crops.

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