Key attributes


  • Plant growth in leafy greens


  • Stress reduction in leafy greens

  • Improves cell division leading to biomass increase and yield

  • Improves photosynthesis

Key requirements


Growers require tools to accurately manage nitrogen fertilisation levels while stimulating foliage, increased photosynthesis and quality. Ecolicitor does this. It is designed to improve photosynthesis efficiency and proliferate cell division in leafy vegetables.

A tailor-made biostimulant formulation with functional and naturally derived bioactives, Ecolicitor functions as signalling molecules proven to enhance plant physiology and growth.


Nitrogen improves yields in leafy green vegetables. However, excessive use of nitrogen has negative impacts such as increased accumulation in leafy greens above regulatory limits. Excessive nitrogen increases plant biomass but delays maturity and reduces leaf quality in terms of flavour and physical characteristics. Ecolicitor accurately manages nitrogen fertilisation levels, while also stimulating increased photosynthesis.


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