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SuperFifty® Prime

Key Attributes

  • Primes plants against oxidative stress.


  • Oxidative stress reduction.

  • Improves fruit-set & yield.

  • Improves plant performance under varying climatic conditions (cold, drought, heat).

SuperFifty® Prime is manufactured by adopting a highly efficient extraction process and then concentrated by multiphase evaporation. This combination of processes results in the most highly concentrated Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract on the market, with low viscosity and excellent solubility, while maintaining the key functionality of bioactives for plant priming. The product is then optimised through a series of proprietary formulation steps for improved spreadability, retention and absorption when applied to leaves and roots. SuperFifty® Prime is validated by scientific experts as a proven tool to reduce oxidative stress and to improve fruit-set in treated crops.

SuperFifty® Prime is approved by Ecocert in Europe. The manufacturer, BioAtlantis Ltd., is certified in accordance with European GMP+ standards. SuperFifty® Prime's efficacy is confirmed scientifically in 3 stages: in-house, university validation and field trials.

SuperFifty Prime is the best solution to combat oxidative stress arising from unfavourable environmental conditions.

Oxidative stress in crop plants

Chemically reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide or hydroxyl radicals are produced during standard plant developmental processes. ROS plays a role in various physiological processes in plants, including seed germination, root hair growth and flower pollen development. However, during unfavourable environmental conditions such as heat, drought, cold and excess water, ROS accumulates to toxic levels in plants causing oxidative stress and crop damage.


SuperFifty Prime® protect crops from oxidative stress

BioAtlantis in collaboration with it's scientific partners from the University of Potsdam Max Planck Institute, Germany and CPSBB, Bulgaria showed that molecular priming using SuperFifty® Prime protects crop from oxidative stress.


SuperFifty® Prime is proven to reduce oxidative stress induced by abiotic factors

As a proven inhibitor of oxidative stress, SuperFifty®Prime provides a means for crop growers worldwide to ‘prime’ their crops and induce tolerance to various adverse weather conditions. The priming process is achieved by applying SuperFifty® Prime 3 to 5 days in advance of the stress.


SuperFifty® Prime is proven to improve fruit set in crops

It is widely known that the reproductive growth stage in fruit or tuber bearing crops is highly sensitive to oxidative stress. Applying SuperFifty® Prime prior to the fruit setting process will reduce oxidative stress build-up during reproductive development, improving fruit-set and crop performance.

super Fifty Prime Results on plants

All plants in the picture were exposed to an inducer of oxidative stress. The plants on the right were pre-treated with SuperFifty® Prime, which provided full protection.


Plants not treated with SuperFifty® Prime (left panel) suffered from oxidative stress, as indicated by the presence of yellowing and lesions.

Product validation


Product benefits are validated by experts in the field of plant stress biology,

University of Potsdam and Max Planck Institute in Germany and The Center of Plant Systems Biology

and Biotechnology in Bulgaria.

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In brief, SuperFifty® Prime inhibits oxidative stress through a mechanism known as ‘molecular priming’ which induces gene modulation and results in a series of metabolic changes in treated crops. Priming at the molecular level with this technology enables crops to respond more efficiently to a forecasted weather event and protects crops from oxidative stress induced damage. The SuperFifty® Prime induced oxidative stress mitigation is described more in depth at the plant molecular level in the following research articles:

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