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NutriSurge™ is a biostimulant tailored to support plants during post-stress recovery. Post-stress recovery is a critical period that requires fine-tuning to ensure yield stability in crops. NutriSurge™ contains bioactives proven to help reduce stress and accelerate stress recovery processes. The product is a rich source of L-amino acids, that are absorbed to support cell division and new growth. Essential amino acids included in NutriSurge™ are building blocks for protein synthesis. They are involved in fruit/tuber-filling, maturation and ripening stages in crops. The product is suitable for use in all crops to stimulate fruit and tuber-filling.


The application of NurtiSurge™ post-harvest is recommended in perennial fruit trees such as blueberries, cherries, kiwis, pears, mangoes, almonds, etc. Applications 1 to 4 weeks after harvest and before dormancy, can stimulate the stored carbohydrate reserves, which will enhance the following year’s bud development and growth. 



  • Enhances post-stress recovery.

  • Improves fruit or tuber-filling.

  • Enhances crop performance.

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