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Poor fruit finish and reduced shelf-life can make fruit production non-profitable. These losses bring low returns to growers, processors and retailers. Stress during the fruit developmental period reduces cell wall deposition rates and increases cell wall swelling. This results in poor fruit finish and reduced fruit firmness. Moreover, suboptimal storage conditions can also lead to stress and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in fresh fruits and vegetables. Higher levels of ROS accelerate over-ripening and decay in stored fruits and vegetables. AtlantiCal® is a specialized blend derived from seaweed bioactives and calcium. AtlantiCal® is applied during the first three weeks of early fruit-sizing and this contributes towards improved fruit firmness.


The rich calcium content in AtlantiCal® helps in maintaining membrane permeability, improves cell wall structure and contributes towards prolonged fruit storability by improving fruit firmness and finish. The seaweed bioactives in AtlantiCal® function as plant metabolic enhancers to reduce ROS levels, oxidative damage and delay senescence/ripening in harvested fruits and vegetables.



  • Improves fruit solids and brix at harvest. 

  • Improves fruit quality (skin finish).

  • Improves fruit shelf-life.

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