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Vegative Growth


Nitrogen (N) in the soil is an important factor influencing the yield of leafy green vegetables. However, excessive nitrogen fertilizer application does not guarantee increased yields and will have negative impacts such as delaying maturity, reducing leaf quality and can cause environment problems in agro-ecosystems. Therefore, improving yield under low N nutrition levels is a key requirement in leafy green production.


Ecolicitor® is a plant biostimulant designed for improving photosynthesis and cell division, increasing biomass and yield in leafy greens. When applied at critical growth stages, Ecolicitor® will significantly increase crop resilience to stress, improve crop growth and vigour and stimulate improved nutrient uptake and utilization by crops.



  • Growth improvement in leafy greens.

  • Stress reduction in leafy green crops.

  • Stimulation of nutrient uptake processes. 

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