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Soil Health

A healthy soil microbial community is essential for early crop establishment, plant vigor and productivity. Microbial communities help in decomposing complex organic matter into simpler, inorganic mineral forms that can be readily absorbed by plants. Some microbes can also dissolve minerals and make phosphorus more available to crops. Others fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, making it available for plant growth and development. It is highly recommended that growers maintain optimal soil microbial activity at the very early stages of plant growth, to ensure growth and yield potential are optimized.

MicroGrow™ is a natural product that supports soil microbial activity and fosters vigorous crop establishment. MicroGrow™ acts as a supportive media to enhance soil microbial activity. Fast acting at low application rates, MicroGrow™ offers a cost-effective alternative to bulk organic soil amendments. Designed for soil application near the active root zone, MicroGrow™ can be applied to all crops and soil types.



  • Improves soil microbial activity.

  • Suitable for fertigation and mixing with other soil amendments.

  • Fosters growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and supports vigorous crop establishment

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