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Oxidative Stress


SuperFifty® is the world’s most concentrated liquid Ascophyllum nodosum extract (500g/L) and is designed for oxidative stress reduction in crops. Apply SuperFifty®, at an optimal rate, 3-7 days before anticipated stress, to produce crops that will be strong enough to survive extreme weather conditions.


Growers can also apply SuperFifty® at critical growth stages (e.g., flower bud emergence and bloom) to reduce oxidative stress during reproduction. SuperFifty® applications are proven to improve fruit-set and maximize crop yield potential.


SuperFifty® Prime is a specialized extract of Ascophyllum nodosum.

The product features are optimized to provide high efficacy in terms of

oxidative stress mitigation in crops.     



  • Improved buffering capacity which is ideal for tank mixing  with a broad spectrum of fungicides.

  • Improved foliar spreading and retention for better priming and product efficacy in terms of stress reduction and fruit-set.

  • Improved compatibility when tank mixing with nutrients.


OceanSprint® is a liquid product and consists of 300g/L of  Ascophyllum nodosum extract, specifically designed to reduce oxidative stress in crops and to cater for biostimulant standards applied in selected countries.


The chemistry and performance of OceanSprint® is equivalent to other higher concentrated extracts, when used at an optimal rate in crops.


Blackfort® is a microgranular powder of Ascophyllum nodosum extract, also proven to reduce oxidative stress-induced damage in crop species. It is a fully soluble spray dried powder of Ascophyllum nodosum extract. A proprietary agglomeration step is enforced during the manufacture of BlackFort® in which the native particles are further assembled to form bigger agglomerates, while preserving the active components in the final product.


This makes BlackFort®, a unique seaweed powder highly soluble and dispersible in water, with better spray ability and tank mix compatibility. BlackFort® can be tailored for customer specific requirements, for example fertigation applications and mixing with fertilizers and other soil amendments.

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