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BioAtlantis provide natural compounds, extracted from renewable marine and terrestrial resources, to reduce stress in crops, animals and humans by strengthening natural defence systems.


BioAtlantis is facilitating the
world's transition to sustainable agriculture by reducing dependence on agrochemicals, using products derived from natural resources with an efficacy equivalent to or greater than agrochemical synthetics.

BioAtlantis will bring LactoShield to the market in 2022

BioAtlantis' novel technology modulates the immune system and  the gastrointestinal microbiome, using naturally-derived bioactives proven to enhance immune responsiveness to pathogenic infection.

BioAtlantis will bring Digestica to the market in 2023 to prime the body against metabolic  stress

BioAtlantis has developed a targeted solution to activate immunity and tackle metabolic diseases in humans. The first of these nutraceutical solutions, Digestica®, is expected to reach the market in 2023.

SuperFifty Prime provides growers with a ROSI of 3:1
SuperFifty® Prime

Apply prior to fruit-set & 3-5 days before anticipated stresses.

  • Oxidative stress reduction.

  • Improves fruit-set & yield.

  • Improves plant performance under varying climatic conditions (cold, drought, heat & salinity).

SuperFifty Prime provides growers with a ROSI of 3:1

Apply at early seedling stages of crop growth.

  • Stress reduction during early stages of seedling growth.

  • Improves rooting and shoot formation.

SuperFifty Prime provides growers with a ROSI of 3:1

Designed for soil application near to the active root zone at the time of sowing.

  • Fosters proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and supports vigorous crop establishment.

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