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world leader in stress mitigation for crops.

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Crop Technology

The AgriPrime® portfolio is rich in natural bioactives that ‘prime’ crops at the molecular level and activate positive effects in terms of growth, productivity and quality. BioAtlantis products nourish crops from soil to harvest, helping them cope with various stresses and growth limiting factors, allowing them to reach their genetic potential.


The AgriPrime® product range developed by BioAtlantis is extremely effective in controlling oxidative stress in crops. To fulfil the market requirements and customer preferences, a range of different liquid extracts with distinct bioactive concentrations were developed and included. 

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BioAtlantis crops spraying.jpeg

BioAtlantis products nourish crops from soil to harvest.

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The Company

BioAtlantis provide natural compounds, extracted from renewable marine and terrestrial resources, to reduce stress in crops, by strengthening their natural defence systems. BioAtlantis is facilitating the world's transition to sustainable agriculture by reducing dependence on agrochemicals, using products derived from natural resources with an efficacy equivalent to or greater than agrochemical synthetics.

BioAtlantis is the world’s best in stress mitigation technology, dedicated to supporting commercial crop growers worldwide. Extensive collaboration and research with leading institutes across the globe, BioAtlantis stands at the forefront of innovation. 

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