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Key attributes

  • Improves fruit-filling and fruit quality.

  • Supports photosynthesis and enhances reserve accumulation.

  • Fruit quality (fruit filling, grain filling and tuber bulking).

  • Post-harvest maintenance in fruit trees.

fruit quality.jpg

Key requirements


Adequate amounts of water, solutes and sugars are required for proper fruit, cereal grain or tuber development. Fruit-filling is a critical step during fruit development in which mobilisation of pre-stored carbon from vegetative tissues to the fruit/grain (source to sink) takes place. This process will determine the sensorial quality and the total soluble solids and acidity in the fruit. For example, transport of soluble sugars such as glucose and fructose from the source to sink at the fruit filling stage determines the total solids (Brix) in fruit. Similarly, transport of sucrose at the fruit filling stage will determine the final weight at harvest.


Any abiotic stress event (for example, heat stress) during the fruit-filling stage will block sugar transport and may affect whole-plant carbohydrate partitioning, resulting in reduced fruit weight and yield loss. In addition, micro and macro nutrient deficiency will create stresses during the fruit-filling stage. This nutrient stress will have detrimental effects on fruit quality and final fruit-finish at harvest.

Enhancing photosynthesis


Rejuvinate is a specific formula developed to enhance photosynthetic rates and to promote higher carbon assimilation efficiency from source (leaves) to sink (developing fruits). Rejuvinate consists of natural amino peptides, the source of N plus seaweed extract, supplying P and K together with micronutrients.


Rejuvinate will accelerate fruit or grain filling processes in fruit/tuber bearing crops and cereals respectively. Timely application of Rejuvinate at fruit-sizing and early-ripening stages are required for plant stress relief and to enhance grain or fruit-filling processes.

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