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Major new study confirms SuperFifty primes plants ahead of abiotic stress caused by drought – The International Journal of Molecular Sciences

BioAtlantis solution strongly decreases oxidative stress damage caused by drought

A major scientific paper has again demonstrated the ability of SuperFifty to prime crops ahead of abiotic stress to mitigate the impact of drought.

The research published by (Rasul et al 2021) in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found the BioAtlantis product enables ecologically friendly stress mitigation in plants vulnerable to drought or water deprivation.

Scientists used their model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana as a research tool to prove that foliar priming with SuperFifty, 3 to 5 days prior to a stress event strongly improved drought tolerance in plants.

A key hallmark of drought is the accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which, in turn, gives rise to severe oxidative stress which damages proteins, DNA and plant cells. Severe oxidative stress stifles plant growth and can ultimately result in crop failure. Critically, ROS levels were reduced in SuperFifty primed plants.

Relative water content remained high in treated plants, while ion leakage, a measure of cell damage, was reduced in plants treated with SuperFifty compared to controls.

Collectively, the data compiled by six scientists demonstrated that SuperFifty priming mitigates multiple cellular processes that otherwise impair plant growth under drought stress.

The trial found that SuperFifty enhances relative water content in leaves during drought, concomitant with a reduction in cell membrane damage.

This is the first study to provide proof at the genetic, phenotypic and functional level that SuperFifty induces tolerance in plants to drought stress. It provides farmers with a tool to reduce their agrochemical dependency, go organic and enhance crop resilience to extreme weather events.  The study has huge positive implications for enhancing food security in the face of pressures caused by climate change.

Super Fifty is a safe and natural technology proven to prime crops to tolerate drought stress conditions and should be used as an essential part of any crop programme.

Reference: Rasul F, Gupta S, Olas JJ, Gechev T, Sujeeth N, Mueller-Roeber B. Priming with a Seaweed Extract Strongly Improves Drought Tolerance in Arabidopsis. International journal of molecular sciences. 2021 Jan;22(3):1469.