SuperFifty prime producer in Chile

Monday 21 March 2022

BioAtlantis was represented at the official opening of the Irish embassy in Santiago, Chile, performed by Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar, at the weekend. BioAtlantis Chief Agronomist Andrés Bascopé and his wife Maria discussed the contribution of BioAtlantis to sustainable agriculture through its agriprime technology, SuperFifty Prime.

Mr Bascopé thanked Ambassador Paul Gleeson and his wife Alita Byrd, for their hospitality. He singled out Ms Melissa Feddis (Enterprise Ireland) and Mr Karl Royce (Irish Embassy in Chile) for their support.

BioAtlantis provides sustainable technologies to enhance plant, animal and human health. It leads the scientific-based movement to reduce the world’s dependence on agrochemicals and avoid the overuse of antibiotics in animals which is causing a build-up of resistance to antibiotics in humans. SuperFifty Prime enhances the tolerance of crops to extreme weather events such as drought, excess heat, cold and salinity via, a priming technology, while offering growers a Return On Sustainable Investment (ROSI) of 3:1.

Photo: BioAtlantis Chief Agronomist Andrés Bascopé and his wife Maria with Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar.