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Chemical Engineer

Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Salary negotiable

Application deadline:

Thursday 8 September 2022

How to Apply

Chemical Engineer

BioAtlantis Ltd. is an innovative biotechnology company, specialising in the development and production of bioactives from natural sources for the plant, animal and human health markets. The company is recruiting a talented chemical engineer/ process development chemist who will work on the development and scale-up of natural product extractions and purification processes.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Upscaling the lab processes to industrial scale in a manufacturing environment.

· Identify suitable equipment for the unit operation, source them and liaise with suppliers.

· Commission the equipment and ensure proper functioning of such machines.

· Interact with lab, and operations/engineering team on regular basis to ensure success of the project implementation and validation.

· Identify new technologies for extraction, separation and concentration and examine the potential to utilize them in large scale production.

Essential Requirements & Experience:

· BSc., MSc. or PhD. in chemistry, chemical engineering or related discipline.

· Prior industry experience with knowledge of handling solvent extractions and solvent recoveries.

· Familiar with large scale fractional distillation columns, chemical scrubbers.

· Experienced with high pressure and temperature extractions, distillation and condensation.

· Aptitude and skill in natural products extraction, separation, purification & isolation of active compounds.

· Experience in carbohydrate chemistry.

· Disciplined, organised and focused, with excellent problem-solving and project management skills.

All positions offer Health Insurance, Pension, Illness Benefit and Life Assurance benefits on completion of probation.

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