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Cutting Edge Technologies for Tackling Abiotic Stress in Agriculture - A Webinar for Growers
 Webinar Date: 20.03.2023
 Time: 15:00

Our upcoming webinar is an event to highlioght the impact of Abiotic stress and its financial implications for growers across the UK and Ireland. 🌿 We're unveiling the most advanced technologies engineered to combat abiotic stress head-on, safeguarding your crops and elevating your yields. Don't Gamble with Weather. 

The webinar will present:

  • Introduction to Abiotic Stress and impacts on UK and Irish Agriculture.

  • New Technologies to Combat Abiotic Stress.

  • Mode of Action of Technologies

  • 3 Year Independent Trial Data: Richard Austin

  • Questions and Answers


We are excited to meet you on the call. Please book in advance through the submission form spaces are limited

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How We Can Help


Soil Health
A healthy soil microbial community is essential for early crop establishment, plant vigor and productivity. MicroGrow™ is a natural product that supports soil microbial activity and fosters vigorous crop establishment.

Abiotic Stress

Adverse weather events such as cold, drought, heat and waterlogging have become more frequent and result in significant crop yield losses. SuperFifty®Prime has been designed for application 3-7 days before anticipated stress, this will produce crops that will be strong enough to survive adverse weather conditions.

Fruit Finish And Shelf Life

Poor fruit finish and reduced shelf-life can make fruit production non-profitable. These losses bring low returns to growers, processors and retailers. AtlantiCal® is a specialized blend derived from seaweed bioactives and calcium. AtlantiCal® will improve fruit quality and delay senescence/ripening contributing to improved fruit shelf life.

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