Research & Development

R&D takes place internally and in collaboration with our academic partners worldwide.

The BioAtlantis R&D department is mutidisciplinary with expertise spanning the natural sciences and engineering fields, including: formulation chemistry, chemical engineering, plant molecular biology, agronomy, nematology, porcine health, immunology and microbiology.

The target is to develop naturally derived products

The target is to develop naturally derived products which are proven to have an efficacy equivalent to or greater than chemical synthetics. While this target is challenging, it can be achieved by applying the right methodology. A ‘fitness-for-purpose’ approach to product development and validation is employed. This involves tailoring formulations to target specific mechanisms which underlie the problem we are trying to solve. Formulations are created based on bioactive compounds of known function, mode-of-action, stability and safety.


In vivo efficacy screening is performed to identify formulations which are effective on a consistent basis. These formulations are sent to external universities for validation. The formulations proceed to further verification at a larger, industrial scale. The final stage of product development is to implement the necessary quality procedures and testing systems. The products are then launched and backed by proven claims. The R&D department develops screening assays and systems to ensure batch to batch consistency of new products, both in terms of in vivo efficacy and bioactive content.

BioAtlantis have a proven track record in R&D

Over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been published on the efficacy of BioAtlantis products and formulations. BioAtlantis previously coordinated an EU FP7 project called “Thrive-Rite”, focused on the development of replacements to the use of in-feed antibiotics in pig and poultry production. A summary of BioAtlantis’ involvement in European research consortia is provided as follows: