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SuperFifty – Primes organic coffee crop in Brazil



BioAtlantis combats abiotic stress


An intense cold winter with strong frosts in June and July, has affected the 2022 coffee crop in Brazil which had already been impaired by drought earlier in the year. Although the extent of damage is variable, regions like north of the Parana and South of Minas could suffer yield losses approaching 30%. However, this is not entirely unexpected. Coffee plantations are vulnerable to unforeseen events such as those caused by highly damaging ‘abiotic’ stresses, which may arise in circumstances of water deficit and extremely low or high temperatures as happened this year. As such, farmers urgently require sustainable technologies that deliver protection against abiotic stress and increase profitability. SuperFifty is the solution for many growers in Brazil. This technology is provided by BioAtlantis Ltd., and has been proven to be an effective tool to mitigate against the effects of climate change.  SuperFifty is used in the different regions of Brazil to ‘Prime’ plants against drought and cold.


“We observed that SuperFifty is very effective in combatting abiotic stress. The coffee had higher vigour in the 30 hectares where we apply the product compared with other areas where it was not applied. There was also better fruit-set and, in the end, a significant increase in production, reaching up to 10 bags per hectare,” Beatriz Mameri, administrator of the Sete Irmaos Farm, in the municipality of Araguari in the Cerrado region of Brazil said.


With 4,500 farmers dedicated to the crop in the region, it is the first area of Brazil to obtain the hugely important, recognition of Denomination of Origin. With wet and hot summers, dry and mild winters and drought in the summer, many of the high-quality coffee farms like Triangulo Mineiro and  Alto Paranaiba are located here. Along with her brother, Luiz Antonio Mameri, Beatriz continues the work started by her father, focused 100% on producing Arabica coffee of high quality. They received recognition for their efforts when they were awarded the best coffee producer in the region last year and SuperFifty played its part in the success. Their farm is certified with the Rainforest Alliance label, which identifies that the coffee grown there follows strict social and environmental standards. Among the innovative practices that stand out at their nursery on the farm is the cultivation of native Cerrado seedlings from seeds collected within the legal propriety’s reserve to restore the native vegetation and to provide an apiary near the coffee plantations, which promotes a higher fruit-setting of coffee plantations and produces honey out of these flowerings.

“We work with four varieties of coffee and our commitment to produce a quality coffee begins well before the harvest,” Beatriz said. In the coming seasons, the area of application of SuperFifty will be expanded. “SuperFifty provided a great cost-benefit and helped us to obtain a very good profit by increasing the yield and we will apply it again next season and I recommend it,” Beatriz said.


BioAtlantis recommends three to five sprays of SuperFifty in the cycle. In the case of the Fazenda Sete Irmaos farm, SuperFifty was applied on three occasions: pre-bloom; at full bloom and at fruit-set. “It`s the best treatment option as it helps the plant protect itself, especially during critical growth stages of the crop and guarantees its full development, as happened at Sete Irmaos,” agronomist Leonardo Duprat, Technical Sales Manager at BioAtlantis Brazil said.

Leonardo explained that oxidative stress occurs in periods of adverse conditions as a result of the accumulation of reactive species of oxygen (ROS) in the plant. “The consequence is a decline in growth, development and in plant production. Therefore, the use of the SuperFifty technology to reduce oxidative stress ends up being essential for the plant to reach its genetic potential, avoiding losses to the coffee plantation,” he said.


Gremonesi Brothers


The Gremonesi Brothers who farm in the Cerrado Goiano Catalão, Brazil. They are very satisfied with the use of SuperFifty, which helped their coffee plants withstand abiotic stresses encountered. The Gremonesi family own the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm where the BioAtlantis technology has helped them overcome climate variations that affected plantations.

“The crop was prepared for a good production, but the sunburn and strong heat waves left us very worried. Our consultant indicated SuperFifty as an anti-stress solution and the result was very satisfactory, both in fruit-set as in grain formation, even in such a critical year,” Márcio Gremonesi said.

His brother, Marcelo, said high quality is an absolute requirement on the property, where nine varieties of arabica coffee are grown. “We roast and pack the coffee, to export standard. We work with the traditional and gourmet lines and beans are pre-selected once we are satisfied with the quality. SuperFifty is very good and from now on we are including it in our farm programme,” Marcelo said.

“When applied three to five days before an anticipated stress event, the technology, of natural origin, ‘Primes’ and prepares the plant in time to mobilize and respond quickly to future abiotic stress events. The plant manages to develop as if it were not in such adverse conditions. The product activates photosynthesis of coffee trees and the production of antioxidants, in this way; protecting from oxidative stress induced by the unfavourable environment until the expansion of the fruits,” Leonardo Duprat said. SuperFifty has benefits in fruits, vegetables and cereal crops.