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SuperFifty Prime – A revolutionary plant priming technology to prevent oxidative stress in crops

Why use Superfifty Prime? Unfavourable growth conditions produce high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can cause oxidative stress damage in crops. Oxidative stress during reproductive growth has been shown to reduce the fruit-set in crops leading to yield loss. This becomes more intense when adverse weather events such as cold, drought or heat or over salinity coincide with reproduction.

SuperFifty Prime is a proprietary natural extract proven by scientific experts to protect crops from oxidative stress damage. SuperFifty Prime reduces oxidative stress by priming plants in advance of stress events. Applying SuperFifty Prime at critical growth stages prior to fruit-set and at early fruit sizing, improves fruit-set and enhances yield.

Our unique Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed liquid extract can be applied as a foliar or fertigation application on crops, 3-5 days prior to an abiotic stress event such as cold, drought or heat.

Plants that are pre-treated with SuperFifty Prime are ‘primed’ to respond faster and with more strength when a stress pressure is encountered, thus inhibiting ROS accumulation and avoiding damages to the plants tissues and cells.

SuperFifty Prime is applied at critical growth stages: Flower bud emergence and at bloom stage. These timely applications trigger a series of oxidative stress adaptations, rendering the plant tolerant to oxidative stress during reproduction, thus improving fruit-set and yield in crops, guaranteeing crop growers a minimum of 3:1 return on sustainable investment (ROSI).