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Preliminary results of trials involving BioAtlantis in Bulgaria are promising



Open Field Days organised by The Centre of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on July 22 and 23  provided encouraging news on BioAtlantis and its SuperFifty Prime technology.

The event in association with Opora Zaden, Bulgaria and KBC Agro Bulgaria was held in Opora Zaden’s experimental fields in Plovdiv under the guidance of Prof. Tsanko Gechev, Director of CPSBB.

Industry representatives, the science community, students and farmers attended. The event was dedicated to varietal characteristics, growing technology, integrated plant protection methods and fertilization schemes of the local vegetable varieties.



It included a tour of the greenhouses and crop fields and a practical demonstration of some of the company’s products. All guests had the opportunity to taste locally produced vegetable varieties and evaluate their qualities.

Mr. Peter Kazakov of the centre, together with CPSBB’s scientists Mrs. Valentina Ivanova and Mr. Mihail Angelov, presented the centre’s latest achievements and current scientific projects.

Among them is a collaboration with Opora Zaden and BioAtlantis, whose product SuperFifty Prime was tested on pepper and eggplant varieties under the guidance of Dr. Aakansha Kanojia, Dr. Ramadoss Dhanushkodi, Mr. Mihail Angelov and Mr. Luidmil Tonchev.

The preliminary results of the experiment are promising and provide a basis for further research in this area. In particular, BioAtlantis is currently collaborating with CPSBB on an EU Horizon 2020 research project called “Resist”, which aims to identify genetic determinants of desiccation tolerance and how SuperFifty® based stress mitigation technologies can be used to improve crop yield and performance (