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BioAtlantis present at Oxidative and Abiotic Stress Symposium, Germany, 13th-14th Nov 2018.

BioAtlantis attended the “CropStrengthen Oxidative and Abiotic Stress Symposium” on the 13th-14th November 2018, in Potsdam, Germany. The company’s CEO, John T. O’Sullivan, gave a presentation entitled: “Super Fifty®, a proven tool to prime and protect crops from abiotic stress”, describing the science and commercial application of Super Fifty®-based stress mitigation technology. Super Fifty® can be used in climate-smart interventions, particularly in high temperature areas or where growers wish to reduce water inputs without affecting crop yield or quality.

BioAtlantis formed part of the Scientific Organising Committee of the symposium, along with University of Potsdam (Germany), ENZA Zaden R&D (The Netherlands) and the Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology Plovdiv, CPSBB (Bulgaria). A session on abiotic stress was also chaired by Dr. Sujeeth Neerakkal (BioAtlantis).

The symposium was organized as part of the CropStrengthen Horizon 2020 project (GA No 642901). As a key member of this consortium, BioAtlantis is providing PhD training to early stage research scientists, who are investigating novel methods for increasing crop strength and resistance to stress using alternative genetic and genomic, non-GMO, technologies (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action; EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme).