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BioAtlantis leads FP7 project to enhance monogastric animal production (‘THRIVE-RITE’)

An EU research project coordinated by BioAtlantis Ltd has been approved. ‘THRIVE-RITE’ (Project number no: 315198), a €1.68M project, aims to scientifically-validate a range of products for use in enhancing large-scale agricultural output. BioAtlantis Ltd. will coordinate efforts of leading European SME’s and research scientists who will validate the efficacy of naturally-derived products in enhancing pig and poultry health, immunity and productivity. Products will undergo two phases of validation under the supervision of University College Dublin (Ireland), University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast (UK) and in the commercial farm setting (Drobex- Agro Sp. Z O.O. and Truly Irish Country Foods Ltd. (Ireland)). Products will be supplied by BioAtlantis Ltd, Clasado Ingredients Ltd. (Malta) and Drobex- Agro Sp. Z O.O. If successful, THRIVE-RITE will lead to the generation of natural and effective alternatives to in-feed antibiotic use, a practice recently banned in the EU. For more information on ‘THRIVE-RITE’, please contact: research (at) bioatlantis (dot) (com) or see