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BioAtlantis joins crop research consortium, “BIOFECTOR” (FP7 n°312117)

BioAtlantis Ltd. is collaborating with an international consortium of leading scientists and European enterprises which aims to develop alternative fertilization strategies, via the use of so-called “bio-effectors”. The project is called “BIOFECTOR” (“Resource Preservation by Application of BIOefFECTORs in European Crop Production”), and is funded up to €6 million under the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme (Grant Agreement n°312117).

The aims of BIOFECTOR are to develop products which can increase productivity of low-input and organic farming systems, boost the efficiency of recycling fertilisers and of nutrient placement strategies. Moreover, limitations in nutrient availability may be overcome by combining alternative fertilization approaches with specifically adapted products in different European geo-climatic conditions. Thus, BIOFECTOR aims to provide a means of enhancing agricultural production in Europe, through reduced input of agrochemicals. The BIOFECTOR project is being led by the University of Hohenheim, Germany and includes the following academic institutions: Julius-Kühn Institute (Germany), Czech University of Life Sciences (Czech Republic), Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Timisoara (Romania), Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), Plant Research International, Wageningen University and Research Centre(the Netherlands), University of Naples (Italy), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (United Kingdom), Anhalt University of Life Sciences (Germany), Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (Switzerland), and Agricultural Research Organization (Israel).

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