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BioAtlantis highlights use of seaweed biostimulants to counter climate change

BioAtlantis represented the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) at the Bio4Safe Biostimulant Congress organised by the University of Ghent as part of the 2 seas region of the EU programme which covers the coastal areas of England, France, Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands.

Research results and future perspectives for the biostimulant market, the legislative framework, the benefits of biostimulants, were presented to a panel looking to promote and support biostimulants solutions in the 2 Seas region.

The Bio4safe project aims to stimulate the use of seaweed-biostimulants to reduce water (20%) and fertiliser (10%) use in EU agriculture. The 2 Seas Region is known for its intensive horticulture demanding significant amounts of water and nutrients. However, with climate change resulting in significant environmental pressures combined with economic stresses, water and fertilizer use efficiency must be drastically improved to sustain viable horticultural practices.

The Bio4safe project aims to achieve this goal using biostimulants ( from seaweed extract), which help increase nutrient-use efficiency, tolerance against abiotic stress events caused by drought, heat, cold and salinity.