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Feed Ingredients Market

Pig & poultry producers worldwide face many challenges including the following:

Sickness in pig herds in the form of diarrhoea caused by stress following removal of piglets from their mother, 18 to 28 days after birth.

EU ban on in-feed antibiotics which took place in 2006 which had previously mitigated the above problem.

Overuse of therapeutic antibiotics on farms due to the lack of viable alternatives to banned in-feed antibiotics. This has given rise to the emergence of drug resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria.

Future EU-wide ban on the use of zinc oxide at therapeutic levels in piglet diets due to environmental implications.

The poultry sector suffers from infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.

BioAtlantis in partnership with University College Dublin, Ireland and other academic institutions has undertaken over 14 years of research to identify and develop compounds to address the above issues. These compounds are isolated and purified by BioAtlantis and combined with other materials to produce the following products:

LactoShield®, NeoShield® and DiNovo® which improve health and performance in young pigs and chickens. Over 45 peer reviewed scientific papers have been published on the effectiveness of the above technologies.