Key attributes

  • Tailor-made seaweed extract enriched with macro and micronutrients.

  • AlgaComplex contains optimal level of seaweed bioactives for foliar feeding. 

  • Improves nutrient balance and is a tonic for plant growth and development.

  • Improves plant vigour and nutrition.


Key requirements


AlgaComplex is a highly concentrated A. nodosum blend with macro and micronutrients (B, Cu, Mn & Zn), for use during the plant growth phase of crops. The macronutrient content in AlgaComplex acts as an optimal foliar feed to accelerate growth and aids in faster cell division and more branches and shoots.


The micronutrient content in AlgaComplex contributes towards improved flowering and fertilization during reproduction. AlgaComplex is a foliar feed that can be used in conjunction with other foliar inputs and granular fertliser and provides a tonic for optimal plant growth and higher yield.